Replacement filter Allsbon Dion Special | suitable for filter compartments 1 and 2


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  • Filter 1 or 2 for the Allsbon Dion Special
  • Shelf life for approx. 5000 liters or 6 months, costs approx. 1,9 cents/liter of filtered water;
  • Contains various filter fleeces, sediment filters, biostone, activated carbon coarse filters and activated carbon fine filters;
  • Calcium or other mineral granules were not used

Discount/piece is calculated automatically: 2 pieces: 3 €, 3 pieces: 5 €, from 4 pieces: 8 €


Replacement filter for the Allsbon Dion Special Water ionizer, suitable for compartments 1 and 2

Allsbon Dion Special Filter

The Allsbon Dion Special contains two independent, multi-layer filter media that flow through one behind the other.

Thanks to its structure, the water is pre-cleaned and over 99% of any heavy metals, pesticides, medication residues, endocrine-active substances of all kinds, microbes/bacteria and other unwanted chemicals are demonstrably filtered out.

You can taste it straight away. The two filters connected in series and the long filter life also enable you to save costs.

Filter composition

9-stage multi-stage filter (sediment filter, biostone, polypropylene membrane, high-performance activated carbon granules from Japan, made from new carbon - no activated carbon regenerated! - as well as several filter fleeces.

The materials offer uniform, long-lasting filtration to detectably remove chlorine, drug residues, hormones, pesticides and toxic heavy metals.

Filter capacity: approx. 5000 liters or 6 months in operation (Din standard)

It may be that the flow decreases beforehand if the water is particularly rich in sediment. A filter change may then become necessary before the 5000 liters have flown.


The display shows the liters that have flowed through twice as much as they actually flowed through. 5000 liters means 10000 liters are shown on the display.

Please note:

You only need a replacement filter after the filter supplied has been used up.
To save shipping costs, we recommend ordering a replacement filter when ordering the device.

You can also trigger a warning after certain filter runtimes in the fine settings in the menu.

Eg after 6 months for the first and also the second filter after 5000 liters. By default, the water ionizer warns you after 5000 liters, but it displays twice as much, i.e. it then warns you when 10000 liters are displayed.

However, we recommend ignoring the filter cycle times shown on the display and replacing at least the first filter after 6-9 months at the latest. After a change you can Filter running time display of the respective filter by pressing and holding Reset the filter touch button.

Tips for changing filter cartridges

After removing the first filter, you can use the second filter, which hardly had to filter any pollutants due to the first “pre-filter”, as the first filter and insert the completely new filter in second place.

2 Reviews for Replacement filter Allsbon Dion Special | suitable for filter compartments 1 and 2

  1. Maria B. -

    Hello dear Aquacentrum team,
    thank you, the filters arrived today. I think that was the fastest delivery in my entire order history :-)! Excellent!
    Best regards,
    Maria B.

  2. Karin P (Verified owner) -

    Hello Yasin,
    I'm always amazed at how active you are.
    I managed to change my filters on my own and not only that. After failing for many days with the description of how to descale, I came up with the brilliant idea to see if you, the eternally dedicated person, might have a video in the meantime for untalented people like me.

    And - voilá - I found it and have now descaled my under-sink ionizer (where is that easy!) and am now the proud owner of pH 9,5 water. Crazy – I just did my weekly fasting day with activated alkaline water level 4 (lots of it) and have never been so fit

    And after drinking alkaline water twice in the evening, my dangling basil looked like I had freshly picked it up from the store...
    Kind regards and definitely keep it up. Your website is simply unbeatable and then the free e-book by Mr. Asenbaum is simply brilliant.

    Thank you very much for the great service for so many people!
    Kind regards as always

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