Switching valve M22 IT for 1/4” hose incl. 6 x adapters


  • Compatible with water filters, reverse osmosis systems and water ionizers with a 1/4” (inch, 6,35 mm outside diameter) plastic pressure hose
  • Includes 6 adapters (!) for typical and rare faucet threads (M22 x M16, M22 x M18, M22 x M20, M22 x M22, M22 x M24 (long adapter), M22 x M1/2
  • compact design
  • High quality resulting in long durability
  • As far as possible, do not use it under pressure, only switch/redirect without pressure. Ie you first turn on the water ionizer and then use the switching valve and let water flow into the water ionizer. After filling, first close the tap, then use the lever on the diverter valve and at the end switch off the water ionizer

Switching valve M22 female thread for 1/4” hose including 6 adapters for exotic standard taps

Suitable for all water filter systems and water ionizers and reverse osmosis systems if they have pressure-resistant 1/4” water supply hoses.

You can find more connectors in this category: www.aquacentrum.de/produktcategorie/steckverbinder-14/

The 6 different adapters included are the following adapters:

  • M22xM16
  • M22xM18
  • M22xM20
  • M22xM22
  • M22 x M24 long adapter
  • M22 x M1/2

Switching valve with 6 different adapters M22 x 16-18-20-22-24 long and half inch thread 600


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