aQuator Silver | Top ionizer | basic, acidic and colloidal silver water

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  • New optimized version, the acid chamber is now larger, so the achievable pH value is higher
  • Produces alkaline, slightly hydrogenated active water, acidic, disinfectant water, total volume: 3 L
  • The Hydrogen Booster is an important additional product, from Due to the pressure-free treatment, each top ionizer only makes the water alkaline, but hardly dissolves any hydrogen into the water
  • Hydrogen yield approx. 300 ppb (parts per billion) or 0,3 ppm (parts per million) after approx. 12 minutes.
  • Silver water (colloidal water) can also be produced using the silver electrodes supplied
  • Timer function with automatic switch-off
  • 2 year full guarantee, Housing material: Terluran GP-35 NR

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You will receive the following products free of charge when you purchase the aQuator Silver pot ionizer for producing alkaline water (click on images):
aQuator Silver top ionizer basic acid and colloidal silver water-05-1000

aQuator Silver | Make alkaline water and colloidal water yourself

In just 4 minutes you can produce 2,7 liters of alkaline water and 0,3 liter of acidic water. The other way around is also possible if you swap the position of the cup.

After electrolysis, the device switches off automatically and a sound signal sounds.

The aQuator silver can even produce water in three different properties: basic, acidic and, as an additional function, silver water. Volume of the device is 3L.

During water ionization, acidic water is produced at the anode (dark electrode) and alkaline water at the cathode (light electrode).
When producing the silver water (Silver modification), the cups (3; 4) are removed.
The operating menu of the device prevents both operating modes from being switched on at the same time, ie the production of ionized water and silver water.

aQuator Silver videos in German | Make your own alkaline active water


Operation and handling of the aQuator Silver top ionizer


Top ionizer comparison BTM 3000 and aQuator Silver, among others

aQuator Silver top ionizer basic acid and colloidal silver water-03-500
aQuator Silver top ionizer basic acid and colloidal silver water-05-1000

Construction | aQuator Silver | Top ionizer to produce alkaline water and also colloidal silver (silver water) yourself

Structure of aQuator Silver top ionizer with colloidal silver 900 function

Suggestion: Hydrogen booster as an additional product | the aQuator produces alkaline, but hardly hydrogen-rich water

Unfortunately, top ionizers hardly produce anything due to the long electrolysis time and the pressureless electrolysis molecularly dissolved hydrogen in homemade alkaline water. This is a shame, as molecularly dissolved hydrogen is the main desire these days when treating water through electrolysis. But the alkaline is also important because it really improves the taste of the water, making it much tastier and softer.

That's why we would highly recommend that you either just do that AquaVolta® hydrogen booster or order both products together. You have the free test phase, just try out the booster. The water becomes extremely soft after Hydrogen booster.

aQuator Silver top ionizer colloidal silver 1000 batch ionizer

aQuator Silver | However, hardly any alkaline water with a negative redox potential Hydrogen

Controls of the aQuator silver top ionizer

Structure of aQuator Silver top ionizer controls controller

Steps to change the language


  1. Hold down the “<“ button and press the ON / OFF button at the same time.
  2. Select the desired language using the < > button.
  3. Switch the device off using the “ON/OFF” buttons.

Instructions for use aQuator Silver pot ionizer to produce alkaline water yourself

Instructions for use aQuator Silver top ionizer Make alkaline water yourself

Instructions for use aQuator Silver top ionizer Make alkaline water yourself 2

Instructions for use aQuator Silver top ionizer - make your own colloidal silver (silver water).

Instructions for use aQuator Silver top ionizer silver water - make colloidal silver water yourself

The language selection goes as follows:

  • When switched off, hold down the ON/OFF button and the < button simultaneously for several seconds until the voice message appears.
    What is crucial is that Press the < button first when the device is OFF and hold and THEN press the ON/OFF button.
  • Then use the arrow keys to search for the desired language.
  • The language setting of the aQuator Silver is completed by pressing the start button (ON/OFF).

3 Reviews for aQuator Silver | Top ionizer | basic, acidic and colloidal silver water

  1. Anna Schmitz -

    Wow :)), I'm thrilled with aQuator Silver!!!

    I have been using the device for a year and produce different types of water.
    I bought aQuator because I had gastrointestinal problems. After a year they are gone!!!
    I use silver water against inflammation and as a mouth, throat and nose rinse against viruses and bacteria (I haven't even had a runny nose or cold).
    I use sour water against tartar, hair loss and rheumatic joint problems (there are no similarly effective ointments available in pharmacies).
    I use alkaline and acidic water as a facial tonic.
    aQuator is the most important device in my house.
    Thank you for having you “aQuator”.
    Anna S

  2. Andrew B -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    Unfortunately I wasn't convinced by the aQuator Silver top ionizer and want to send it back.
    With kind regards,
    Andrew B

  3. Elena S (Verified owner) -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    thank you very much for the videos. I'll take a look when I get the chance.
    Thank you for sending your products, which are currently being tested in our home.
    Overall, we were impressed by the water quality (basicity and hydrogen). The water tastes great, even for the children. They even voluntarily give up sweet drinks.

    However, the aQuator Silver water ionizer broke just after a week?!
    Unfortunately it no longer works. He made some noises when he turned it on. After that I didn't turn it on again. We can also send a short video if necessary.

    I think there was something wrong with this device. For 3 days the device delivered exactly the PH value you set. After that he no longer performed well. When we set PH 9,5 it only delivered PH7,0. …
    ...I think there was something wrong with him from the start.
    We did everything strictly according to the instructions in the operating instructions and took all precautions such as cleaning the anode, etc.

    So we would like to continue testing and not send the devices back within 2 weeks. But have to replace the aQuator. There may be a production error and you can complain to the manufacturer.
    Can you please send us a replacement asap?! Please put a return label in the package so that we can send the defective device back for inspection.
    Thank you and best regards
    Elena S

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  • 1x water ionizer aQuator Silver+
  • 2x cup insert
  • Technical description and operating instructions (German and French)
  • 1x holder with a round silver electrode
  • 1x coaster
  • 20 x Replacement Membranes
  • packing carton

Aquaphor Silver Technical Data

Aquaphor Silver Disturbance

The device may only be connected to the power supply after the lower container (1) and the cups (3; 4) have been filled with water and the hood (9) has been put on.
It is forbidden:
Remove the hood (9) from the lower container (1) while the device is connected to the power supply.
Operate the switched-on device on an open fire or on devices that generate sparks.
Switch on the device for a longer time than specified in the operating instructions.
Disassemble the device!
Rinse the hood (9) with water.
The device should be kept away from children and must never be operated without supervision.

To operate the device, the sequence of operations must be strictly adhered to.
It is recommended to use water from the tap to produce ionized water.
It is advisable to throw away (not use) the ionized water produced after the first use of the device or after replacing the membrane.
The membrane is made from a special material suitable for electrolysis. It is forbidden to use other materials that are not approved by the manufacturer.
After the cups (3; 4) are removed from the container (1), a little water may seep through the membrane at the bottom. This has no influence on the quality
of ionized water. If water flows out continuously, the membrane needs to be replaced.
The anodic electrode (dark) is produced from oxide mixtures of rare earth metals (ruthenium and iridium) based on titanium. These electrodes are characterized by good electrochemical and physical/mechanical properties. Their lifespan is very long.
Electrodes that are not made of ruthenium, iridium or platinum are not suitable for use in water ionizers because gases are emitted during electrolysis in the acidic medium
become. The Cl(-) ions dissolve in the water and can attack the chemical components from which the electrode is made. In this way, for example, Cr or Ni ions can get into the water, which is very harmful to health
would be to people.
If the top layer of the dark electrode is damaged, the electrode must be replaced.

Operating instructions aQuator Silver new version top ionizer German

aQuator Silver Batch ionizer – Manual in English, PL, LT, Russian and German

User manual aQuator Silver top ionizer German

High resolution Jpeg image aQuator Silver top ionizer