AquaVolta® Age2 Go 2.8 ppm | Hydrogen water generator (PEM, Nafion 117) | including 900ml glass flask


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  • Hydrogen generator for producing pH-neutral hydrogen water
  • Hydrogen yield, in 500ml glass cylinder: approx. 200 ppb (parts per billion) or 0,2 ppm (parts per million) per minute, e.g. 2,8 ppm H2 content after 14 – 21 minutes, ORP up to -600 mV, depends on pH
  • Suitable for all water, including reverse osmosis and distilled water
  • Not to be confused with the typical HRW generators save PEMMembranes use and/or don't work under pressure
  • Battery operated, charging time 120 minutes, enough for around 70-85 minutes running time
  • including waisted glass flask (300ml), 1x 500ml glass tube, 1 x 900ml Glass Flask, 2x pressure valve lids, 2 adapter rings for plastic bottles, 50 g citric acid
  • 2 years warranty, then, if there is a defect, spare parts can be ordered or repaired by us for a cost of between €47 and €97
  • As you can see in the product image, you will receive the latest version with the AquaVolta® light logo on it. This includes additional functions such as: Press ON for 5 seconds held: Ozone water function which at the same time is one Descaling the electrode causes.
  • 1 x ON pressed: 10 minutes, 2x ON: 20 minutes and 3x ON: 40 minutes running time

We only have €100 discounted returns available that have been used briefly and come with a full 2 ​​year warranty.

Graduated prices, prices are calculated automatically: 2 pieces: € 30,00 ; from 3 pieces: € 50,00

You will also receive the following products when you purchase the H2 generator, please select the price in the selection window (clickable images):

AquaVolta® Age2 Go 2.8 | Mobile, battery-operated hydrogen generator for producing hydrogen water

For many years it was considered irrefutable that activated water only retains its negative redox potential and thus its electron wealth for a few hours to days.

But when it was discovered that dissolved hydrogen was the decisive factor for the antioxidant effect, an industry developed that pressed hydrogen at high pressure into multi-layered water bags, where the content could be maintained for several months. However, such a bag with 0,2 liters of hydrogen water costs around €4 and also causes major waste problems.

The hydrogen booster is ideal for producing hydrogen-rich drinking water on the go. The hydrogen production in the newly designed electrolysis cell makes it possible to avoid acidic wastewater. Only a small amount of condensation is created, which can be easily removed after five to six uses. The production speed for a glass of hydrogen water (0,2 liters) is five minutes. You can also ionize bottled water up to 1,5 liters directly in the screwed-on bottle. Depending on the size of the bottle, this takes seven to twenty minutes. The high pressure resistance of the system allows up to four times supersaturation with hydrogen. Stationary water ionizers usually reach a maximum of 1,6 ppm hydrogen saturation.

Update Aquavolta® Age 2 go 2.8 ppm hydrogen water generator | new times, ozone function

Aquavolta Age2 Go 28 blue LED 10min 600

Aquavolta Age2 Go 28 purple LED 20min 600

Aquavolta Age2 Go 28 green LEDs 40min
Aquavolta Age2 Go 28 red LED ozone 10min 600

What is a hydrogen booster or an H2 generator?

  • Until then, hydrogen-rich water had only been produced using stationary electric water ionizers. But you also want to drink fresh active water on the go.
  • Initially, small electrolysis devices were simply converted to battery power. However, these could not store enough because they did not remove oxygen but increased it.
  • Hydrogen is very reluctant to dissolve in water unless you force it into it at high pressure. This is exactly what a hydrogen booster does. It is a high-pressure diaphragm water ionizer with a PEM cell that produces only a few drops of wastewater as condensate, but still removes the oxidizing water components:
  • Result: more hydrogen-rich water. Unfortunately, it is not even alkaline, like from a water ionizer.
  • While the bags are filled with hydrogen water with a hydrogen content of 2,8 ppm, the hydrogen booster can reach up to 2,8 ppm.
  • You can do that Measure hydrogen content with the hydrogen test liquid

AquaVolta® Age2 Go 2.8 Hydrogen Generator | Production of soft hydrogen water (H2 water)

Working principle of the SPE membrane electrolysis technology with Nafion 117 membrane

Scheme PEM electrolysis anode protenene exchange membrane cathode

Hydrogen Water – The New Bar for Drinking | Hydrogen Rich


When it comes to a device for on the go, one thing is clear: there is no point in making water more energy-rich with hydrogen if it does not meet the demanding requirements for drinking water.

That's why we have it Hydrogen booster designed so that, unlike a stationary water ionizer, it does not rely on a single type of water.

If you don't want to trust existing tap water, you can use any trustworthy bottled water and even water from a reverse osmosis system (RO water).

You can fill the normal or the larger one of the high-pressure cylinders included in the delivery with the mineral water.

Thanks to various bottle adapters, you can also ionize the water directly in the mineral water bottle and enrich it with hydrogen.

AquaVolta Age2 Go 2.8 ppm - water cell from above - platinum-coated electrode 600
AquaVolta Age2 Go 2.8 ppm - oxygen tank - no wastewater 600 is produced

Measurement | Hydrogen content | with H2 test drops

AquaVolta® Age 2go 2.8 hydrogen generator | Hydrogen measurement

Procedure for testing the molecular hydrogen content Test drops such as H2 Blue® Kit, MIZ Reagent or H+Care blue

The molecular hydrogen content test with the titration drops is carried out immediately after production. To do this, carefully fill a 6 ml water sample into the measuring cup and add a drop of the blue measuring liquid.

Each drop that discolors represents 0,1 ppm (=100 ppb) of dissolved hydrogen gas. If a drop no longer discolors itself, you can stir gently.

If the liquid still does not change color, the last drop added to the water no longer counts.

Water under normal atmospheric pressure can contain up to 1,6 ppm hydrogen gas (full saturation). With the AquaVolta® hydrogen booster you can also produce supersaturated water with over 6 ppm. However, this falls back to full saturation within a few minutes when the sample comes into contact with the normal atmosphere. If you want a lot of hydrogen, you have to drink it quickly.

Connection between H2, pH value and redox potential | By Randy Sharpe (Producer of the H2-Blue-Kit drops)

The online version of this e-book by Randy Sharpe is available here. The PDF as Free download on this product page.

Video: Hydrogen and activated water basic terms pH, redox potential, H2 ppm

The measurement of molecular hydrogen in hydrogen rich water (HRW) is often carried out using inadequate methods.

The educational video here explains the connection between pH value, redox potential (ORP) and the ppm value of dissolved hydrogen.

What is presented goes very deep into the subject matter, please also note the entire individual sections of the entire PDF, further down on this page.

Hydrogen & active water, pH, redox potential, H2 ppm

Hydrogen water | Best made with alkaline, already activated water from a water ionizer

In contrast to alkaline active water from one classic water ionizer the pH value of the treated water is maintained. Hydrogen water can also be slightly acidic, although not as much hydrogen can be stored as in alkaline water. For example, we measure a significantly lower hydrogen content in slightly acidic reverse osmosis water treated in the same way than in slightly alkaline mineral water such as Aqua Panna: The ratio is 1,2 ppm to 1,9 ppm for mineral water.

EOS touch water ionizer ionized water

Hydrogen water – More than just a drink! | recommendations


  • Drink up to 0,3 l per 10 kg of body weight daily. Correspondingly more at high temperatures and/or heavy physical exertion. Use water that is as alkaline as possible. One of the classic ones would be ideal AquaVolta® water ionizer, which prepares filtered alkaline activated water that already contains 0,6 to 1,2 ppm hydrogen. The hydrogen booster can then store additional hydrogen in the water thanks to its high-pressure technology, making it suitable for placing food in:
  • Soak fruits, salads, cut flowers, raw eggs, fish, meat and vegetables in fresh hydrogen water for 15-30 minutes. Such foods refresh themselves by absorbing hydrogen, which even passes through eggshells. The penetration of hydrogen reduces the redox potential of the food, which, for example, the food tester Prof. Dr. Manfred Hoffmann considers it to be a sign of higher food quality.

  • Mix milk powder, diet powder, fitness powder etc. with hydrogen water. Dissolve mineral and vitamin mixtures in it. The redox potential also decreases favorably due to the role of dissolved hydrogen.
  • Buy juice concentrates – if possible with an organic seal. This is what you do No more dragging and environmental pollution from beverage packaging. No manufacturer on the market can yet supply juices with better redox potential. Please refer: Asenbaum, KH, Electroactivated Water, Munich 2016, p. 43 ff.
  • Mix alcoholic drinks and cocktails with hydrogen water. They become milder and the taste comes into its own better. Make ice cubes from hydrogen water.
  • After drinking alcohol, drink 2 glasses in the evening and 2 glasses the next morning on an empty stomach.
  • Give your pets (dogs, cats…) hydrogen-rich water to drink and watch the positive changes in coat and overall health.

Suitable for osmosis water


Technical details





Battery Disposal Instructions

In connection with the distribution of batteries or accumulators or with the delivery of devices containing batteries or accumulators, we are obliged to point out the following to you:

Batteries may not be disposed with household waste. As an end user, you are legally obliged to dispose of used batteries properly. You can return batteries free of charge after use at the point of sale or in your immediate vicinity (e.g. in municipal collection points or in stores). You can also send used batteries back to us by post.

Batteries or accumulators that contain harmful substances are marked with the symbol of a crossed out garbage can. The chemical name of the pollutant is located near the garbage can symbol:

“Cd” stands for cadmium, “Pb” for lead and “Hg” for mercury.

41 Reviews for AquaVolta® Age2 Go 2.8 ppm | Hydrogen water generator (PEM, Nafion 117) | including 900ml glass flask

  1. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Wow, that's a nice report, thank you very much!!! Yasin

  2. Stephen Schneider -

    Addendum to AGE2GO: If you go to bed at 22.00 p.m., sleep like a baby, and get up at 4.00 a.m. and are so fit that you can tear up trees, then you know that hydrogen water works!!! MEGA POWER in a natural couldn't be better!!!

  3. Stephen Schneider -

    I've been using the AGE2GO and the LOURDES for almost a week now and am more and more convinced of the devices every day. When I found out more about hydrogen water, I initially made the mistake of ordering a “cheap booster” from the internet. Well, as the saying goes, once you buy it cheaply you buy it twice. So, it's better to dig a little deeper into your pockets!!! The effects of H2 water are truly amazing and the taste of the water is many times better than “normal water”. It really gives the cells power and contributes immensely to general well-being. It can, and this is what I have noticed, initially lead to so-called “initial aggravations” of the physical weak points of the respective user, which, however, can be seen as a positive thing. (For me it was my wrists) At this point I would like to thank Yasin again, who patiently endured my many questions and helped me a lot. TOP SERVICE!!!

  4. Felix Wintersperger -

    Hello Yasin,
    Please forgive my late reporting. 75 euros are still outstanding. I hope I can pay it off next month and I'll do my best. Everyone I recommended a device to has bought one and I hope business is good.
    Unfortunately, no code was used by me and my recommendations were implemented but I didn't even receive a thank you from these people. The main thing is that the technology gets to people.
    Personally, I have to say that my impulse control as well as my senses and especially my vision have improved greatly with the portable ionizer and I would never want to be without it again.
    I use acidic osmosis water to be on the safe side. I'm still working with Schüssler and it's just a relief!
    All my health and aggression have flown away and I find my center more quickly. The skin is fantastic and with the disinfectant device and a good power bank I am more than fit for outdoors and on the go. It's so much fun to work with it and many people are very enthusiastic about it.
    Unfortunately, nothing in my favor other than the wonderfully satisfying feeling of having really helped.
    I've been using the ionization technique for almost 2 years and there's simply no denying how good it feels.
    A small addictive effect can be felt, especially at the beginning during breaks, but that has completely subsided even though I no longer know when the last one was and I don't want any more. It is more than easy to integrate it into everyday life. I'm celebrating it more and more. Skin aging has almost stopped. The wrinkles are receding and I hope to reach 200 years with the look of a 35 year old!
    As always, you can use whatever you want from my lines, including your name.
    What new innovations and more powerful devices are there to test? I'm very excited and look forward to hearing from you soon, my dear! Thanks for the great help and even more success with it. I'm on a mission and everyone knows when it comes to water, just ask Felix.
    Please get in touch again via WhatsApp and I'll be happy to share any experience. I'm an extreme tester and always ready to deliver new devices with detailed reports in order to experience the almost fantastic successes.
    I'm looking forward to an answer
    Felix Wintersperger

  5. Gert -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    Thank you very much for your detailed links and assistance. …
    ... I have been researching water systems and alternative healing medicine for a long time. I'm very excited about this new, real science! I am very happy to have found your site and to have seen your videos on Swiss television!
    I actually came to this through several detours. …
    ... I, 47, actually came across hydrogen through studies from Japan regarding Alzheimer's, Parkinson's (circle of friends) and also mainly because of ghrelin, since I myself am Asperger's autistic (ASD) and cannot produce this enzyme.
    My whole family has already noticed some improvements thanks to your first booster. Especially blood sugar and blood pressure combined with liposmal vitaminc and OPC and H1. Unfortunately, I can't convince my sister of this yet.
    For me personally, I have been able to reduce half of my medication for 3 weeks, and have done so without the withdrawal symptoms and side effects that I have had for 12 years! Using 3x 0.3l (2-2,5ppm H2).
    Furthermore, my neuroleptics prevented me from extending my arm joints above shoulder height. With the help of your first booster (Aquavolta 2,8) I can fully move my arms again and without pain!
    Many many thanks! Through your technology we can regain our quality of life.
    Kind regards from Vienna, Gert and family

  6. Max -

    Dear Yasin, first of all a BIG THANK YOU for the Aquavolta, which I have been using and enjoying with great pleasure for some time now. The special water is always a highlight for my guests and thanks to its handiness it is also easy to take with you. We even once did a “blind test” with different water sources and the Aquavolta’s hydrogen water also won in terms of taste. Thanks for the great device! - Max

  7. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thanks to your qualified advice, we immediately purchased 4 AquaVolta® Age5 Go 5 ppm hydrogen water generators for our family in 2 households 2.8 weeks ago. Above all, we say thank you to our parents, children and grandchildren. Everyone from 11 to 83 years old is thrilled. Everyone drinks the hydrogen water produced in 20 minutes with great enjoyment. The feeling is indescribable, such a positive effect on the whole body, internal organs, etc. this water has. Everyone now drinks 2-4 times more than before from our osmosis filter systems. We are currently filling up the AquaVolta with this pure, mineralized water according to your recommendation, Mr. Akgün, and are achieving maximum effect. H2 also actually keeps the water on the move for up to 6 hours.
    Technically, all 5 devices work perfectly and are easy to use.
    Our relatives and friends have tried H2 water and intend to buy the device. And we are already looking at the AquaVolta® H2 Rocket.

    Conclusion: AquaVolta® Age2 Go 2.8 ppm is a recommended device!

    Elvira and Mikhail


  8. Jaqueline -

    Pas de soucis!!
    J'étais trop pressée d'essayer le produit et d'en avoir les bienfaits
    J'en suis très contente, j'ai déjà un regain d'énergie incroyable en si peu de temps!
    A peau bien netoyée, je me passe a coton imbibé de this eau hydrogehydrogénée matin et soir
    Et j'arrose également mes plants qui ont l'air de l'apprécier également
    Et je le trouve tellement pratique de pouvoir y mettre directement les bouteilles!
    Thanks again for your advice!

  9. Elvira and Mikhail V -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    Thank you very much for the 5 inexpensive devices sold. We are all very happy with it.
    Thanks to your help, we are already drinking hydrogen water with great pleasure.
    We are very much looking forward to our productive meeting with you in Garching, and also to our future collaboration. …
    … Greetings from Nuremberg
    Elvira and Mikhail V

  10. Jürg L. -

    Greetings Mr. Akgün
    I recently bought two Age2go's from you.
    You asked how I came across the topic?
    I originally read a book by Dr. Ulrich Warnke
    purchased, titled “Bionic Water: The Supermolecule
    for our health – with procedures for optimization
    of our drinking water.” That motivated me to do the appropriate thing
    Search for devices “on the network”. And your product (including commitment,
    Videos, background knowledge) convinced me the most.
    Now I'm also interested in your Osmoveda reverse osmosis system.
    They offer the combination Osmoveda + H2-Wassergen.
    to 800 euros. Is it possible to also “retroactively” this
    To benefit from a special offer?
    If so, at what price could I purchase the Osmoveda?
    And in this case, could you give me a corresponding advance notice?
    Email payment invoice?
    Thank you for your feedback and kind regards
    Jürg L.

  11. Felix W. -

    So I'm spreading the message and I'm very much on the mission!!
    There is nothing wrong with my 2.8 other than the battery. Always keep the electrode free of limescale and was expecting a little more, although the effects are undeniable. My water balance seems to be regulating and I have been struggling with my sweaty hands for 20 years, they are gone.
    Now I wanted to ask about the osmosis plus post-mineralization for 600 how many ppb it creates? I urgently need a new osmosis.
    Happy Yule

  12. Joachim E. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thank you very much for the quick processing, the discount and the voucher (we will definitely use it)!
    Enclosed is the transfer confirmation, maybe you can send the device straight away... I'm really looking forward to it.
    To your question, how I came across you/this topic:
    I've been having problems with my physical energy for some time and am suffering from latent fatigue.
    I did a lot of research and came across water filters and subsequently water revitalization.
    I came across her videos on YouTube… and then the information on her HP convinced me.
    I still have a question about my order, as I'm also a newbie in this area...
    What does “ionizer” actually mean?
    And is the Age2 Go 2.8 not an ionizer - since this is not mentioned in the description, compared to the high drug?
    Thanks in advance and kind regards from Southeast Styria
    Joachim E.
    PS: You are an extremely good sales team - I have rarely experienced such fast and personal customer orientation!

  13. Felix -

    Finally a product as expected. Accessible to everyone. I've been using it for 2 hours now and I'm already noticing how happy my cells are. I just ionized it lukewarm with minerals and it runs great. At first there were small vibration noises as it ran, smaller quiet humming noises. But now things are quiet and I'm just enjoying it! Thank you

  14. Rainer -

    Hello dear Yasin,
    So far everything is good! I experimented a lot with hydrogen. The recovery time after physical exertion is brilliant. I no longer have sore muscles. That's incredible! 🙂
    Within the family, I was also able to observe how a woman with breast cancer 4 years ago got such incredibly good blood results that the doctor called her privately and asked how she did it. He said that if he didn't know her, he wouldn't be able to tell from the blood count and various tumor markers/micrometastasis measurements etc. that she ever had cancer. Until the blood test, she drank at least 5 liters of hydrogen water every day for 1,2 months with a duration of approx. 60 minutes per 400 ml glass. 🙂
    By the way, I'm still interested in the H2 inhaler device. …
    Many greetings

  15. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hey Mark
    Thank you for your kind words and clarification:
    Because of your questions:
    1. You can easily make the lid, there doesn't have to be any water in it, just wet is enough
    2. Yes, the generator can also be connected to continuous current, but as with all electrical devices, it would be better not to leave it unattended and to keep it connected again and again if necessary
    When it's full, it stops charging.
    Bye for now
    All the best

  16. Markus and Ramona -

    Hello Yasin,
    Thank you very much for the two H2 generators. These arrived today and are purring like a kitten.
    The water tastes great, super soft...and we don't need to say anything else about the effect anyway
    The device definitely meets my expectations (= very high quality).
    I still have the following questions:
    1) When I'm not using the generator (e.g. overnight), do I always leave a little water in the glass container?
    2) Can the generator also be connected to “continuous current”, i.e. I always leave the generator on the charger or should battery operation take place after the battery has been charged (until the batteries are empty)?
    Thanks in advance for the information and keep it up!
    Many greetings from Franconia
    Markus and Ramona
    Ps Regarding your following question “PS: How did you actually come across this topic? It would be interesting for me to find out.”
    -> We became aware of the Hydron product from a local dealer
    Afterwards I tried to find out more about the topic of Hydrogen Rich Water on the www and that's how I became aware of your homepage.
    Since your homepage + product convinced us better... we ordered from you :-).

  17. George S -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    I have received your package and have dedicated myself to AGE2GO. He's already bubbling away happily. I immediately feel energized. …
    …Thank you very much again and all the best
    George S

  18. Carmen -

    Dear Yasin,
    Thanks for the beautiful music!
    It became clear to me some time ago that things are not as they seem (especially in the area of ​​healing).
    Taking this path means facing the reality of what has triggered painful processes.
    But also great gratitude for being able to pass it on where it wants to be heard.
    And where it doesn't want to be heard yet, it will be “drunk” in the future. 🙂
    Thank you
    Kind regards, Carmen

  19. Jürgen -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    The first 3 devices have been sold. Those who ordered it are thrilled.
    If possible I would like to order 4 more.
    With kind regards,

  20. Florian G. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thank you very much for your email and the great information!!
    In fact, I came across the “New Medicine” years ago, the student girl kept running on the PC and I have been dealing with the topic of water and health for years. Especially after I reacted “allergically” and with inflammation etc. to the technologically generated electromagnetic radiation that surrounds us.
    I have already shown the hydrogen water generator to many people and let them try it out. Really an energy booster and you can feel the slow detoxification.
    My dear colleague Ms. M. (like me, she is also a coach) was so excited that she immediately ordered an Age2 Go 2.8 from you! Maybe another colleague will also order one and test it because of frequent headaches. With the discount code, the incentive to buy is more than there! Thank you for this, so we can give more people the opportunity to help themselves using the simplest means!
    If I have any questions or suggestions, I'll email you or just call!
    Sunny greetings from Herzberg am Harz
    Florian G.

  21. Jutta D -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thank you very much for your detailed email with lots of information and also the offer of discounts!
    Really a good thing, without the water I wouldn't have been able to do some things. I'm glad I came to you at this time.
    Thank you very much and kind regards
    Jutta D

  22. Joseph -

    Hello dear Yasin,

    1. Great and thank you! Your Aquavolta runs without any problems! Bubbling...1A...but now I'm curious to see whether he can keep up this pace for a few years...
    So far grade 1!

    2. First experience after about 2 weeks... I almost have the feeling that there was even a bit of “initial deterioration”...
    Week 1 I felt some “construction sites” - but that could have just been my imagination...
    On the other hand, the ubiquitous effect - i.e. effect on EVERY cell - suggests that noticeable repairs could take place in “weak areas”.

    3. It remains exciting to see the long-term effects:
    a weak but ubiquitous antioxidant
    b Increase/improve regeneration
    c Energy increase
    = Exciting! It is important that we do not raise expectations too high.
    Let's take cigarette smoking as a negative example... a smoker will not get emphysema and cancer after a few weeks or even after a few years... conversely, H2 intake is more likely to show its positive effects over a longer period of time...

    Dear Yasin, if there is anything exciting new, please get in touch!
    I sincerely wish you much success with the Aquavolta.

    Kind regards, Joseph

  23. MM -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thank you for your letter. How did I come to this topic?
    I've already tried a few things, magnets, harmonizers,
    Gemstones, etc. Somehow the right thing wasn't there yet.
    I happened to see your video and noticed
    The fact that you make a vital impression speaks for itself
    Product, and you are really excited about it. And the device
    It's small and handy, I don't like complicated setups.
    Now I'm really excited and looking forward to it
    Try out.
    With kind regards,

  24. Gunther S. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    I would like to order 2 of the boosters from you again!
    We are all very happy with it!!
    I hope you are well and remain with kind regards,
    Yours, Günther S.

  25. Uwe S -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    I have completed the transfer.
    Quite honestly, I am stunned by your generosity and humanity.
    KISMET or doesn't matter. I see very good opportunities here for your products and for you/your company.
    I will work my way through your videos and products.
    I will then position and promote them. (But I'll get back to you when I get the overview.)
    I'm also very interested in the Aqua 2 Rocket.
    Maybe we can arrange an appointment in Munich for training….
    … Best regards
    Uwe S

  26. Susanne -

    Dear Yasin,
    I thank you again
    thank you very much for the quick one
    and easy transaction when purchasing the
    Age 2 go and your courtesy.
    I have a lot of fun with the device
    it suits my needs perfectly.
    I wish you a nice Easter
    despite and with everything.
    Kind regards from Tyrol,

  27. Olaf L. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    The AquaVolta H2 boosters have an excellent effect, thank you for the great devices! I drink around two liters of H2 water per day (approx. 7 fillings of 0,3 l), which has always been refueled for the recommended 20 minutes, i.e. maximally saturated. The H2 water is very good, the body feels very alive, I hardly feel hungry anymore and only eat once a day in the evening (intermittent fasting+) - very beneficial! …
    Sunny greetings
    Olaf L.

  28. Mary I -

    Good afternoon Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Akgun,
    I am very interested in healthy eating and read a lot about it, but in Russian. There is enough information about H2 generators in Russian.
    Since I currently live in Germany, I was looking for a company with such products. You are the only company in Germany with a very good website, everything is well explained and shown. That's why I ordered the goods from you.
    Mary I

  29. peter p -

    Thanks for the tip about pressing 6 times, that fits perfectly! no sound.

  30. Christine T -

    Good evening Mr. Akgün
    YES, then I would like to order the Aqua Volta Age2 GO. Delivery is not urgent. I can pay the entire amount at once if you give me until April 4th. In March I still have to pay a dentist bill and a car repair, so there isn't much left for my extra wishes. But at the beginning of April I can pay it all in one go. What do you think? What should I do? You have direct debit authorization for the filters. I'm looking forward to the booster.
    A lot has happened to you now. I still remember very well how I was with you in Munich 7 years ago and you introduced me to Allsbon Dion. I then bought it straight away. (under table)
    There was a very hidden and dreamy courtyard with a beautiful tree in the middle. And I think there were a lot of big blue bottles. You gave me a few, thank you again. And their premises were not very big. They were 7 years younger (without a beard) and of course I was too. Now when I think about what you have achieved in the last 7 years. Congratulations! Best regards, Christine T.

  31. Christiana S. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thank you very much for the quick processing and the information.
    I would like to briefly answer your question.
    As a pharmacist, I am always looking for new and old knowledge
    Health, healing, alternative therapies beyond conventional medicine or complementary medicine. This has become my hobby, because in my daily practice I unfortunately notice how entrenched most therapies are, and patients often lose heart or give in to the doctors' opinions far too quickly when they are at their wits' end are the end. So when I was looking for something that could help my mother with her dizziness, I came across H2 water.
    Since I spend a lot of time online, I often get invitations to watch documentary series or summits where various experts talk about their experiences.
    LIVE LONGER, FEEL BETTER by Trevor King was one of them.
    H2 water was introduced in it.
    Let's see if it helps, if not, then at least you can use the other advantages.
    Thanks again for the encores. It's great when someone is as motivated about their job as you are.
    I wish you continued success
    Warm greetings from Bonn
    Christiana S.

  32. Martin Thiel -

    The AquaVolta® Age2 Go 2.8 ppm is a top-of-the-range hydrogen generator. I am very satisfied with this device. Top hydrogen yield, great taste, short preparation time, low purchase price, elegant appearance and long shelf life are what characterize this device. The device does not need to be descaled every week, as suggested. If you use it every day, it is enough to descale it every 2 weeks. But you shouldn't use boiling hot water, otherwise cracks could appear at the bottom of the white plastic, which has happened to me, unfortunately. Water up to a maximum of 50 degrees Celsius is the optimal temperature for manual descaling. I am very satisfied with this generator and would buy it again in a heartbeat. The finished water tastes even better than the alkaline active water from the Aquavolta Elegance water ionizer. In addition, the low selling price means that this is a top device. Therefore, my absolute purchase recommendation for this device.
    As always, I received excellent advice regarding this device. My thanks go to the company aquacentrum Munich. This company is really great!

  33. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Dear Ms. H.,
    Thank you for your email and your questions.
    I'm glad you like the water very much.
    21 minutes is a good time.
    You're in luck, I had a permanent function programmed:
    To do this, please press the ON-OFF button 6 times in quick succession, after turning the device on, press it once.
    The device then runs until you unplug it from the power supply or the built-in battery runs out after approx. 80 minutes of running time.
    It will glow white-bluish.
    You can also press and hold the button for 6 seconds, then you have activated the disinfecting and cleaning or descaling ozone water function for 3 minutes.
    It will then glow purple.

    Because of the taste of the can filter. It softens the water, which is why it is still quite soft, especially in the first 3-7 times. It will subside.
    Otherwise, without abstention:
    The thing with the automatic counter of the jug filter: If it doesn't settle, I'll send you a replacement. However, you should stick to the time limit anyway: 2 months after the first contact with water.
    Hope this helps you
    I look forward to your answer
    Yours, Yasin Akgün

    PS: If I could leave your question online please, it would be a huge help:

  34. Alexandra H. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    So, I have now been using the Aquavolta Age2go and the jug filter for about two weeks and would like to ask for information based on my experiences...
    The boosted water changes its taste really well - the longer the duration, the better! 🙂
    Is there a model where the start button doesn't have to be pressed again every 5/7 minutes? Admittedly, I would find it a lot more practical if you could enter a number of minutes x and then the device would automatically run through until then. Is there a recommended model on the market?
    After 3-4 (x 7 min) uses, the battery is already empty - can I leave the Aquavolta connected to the mains or operate it parallel to the charging process?
    How many minutes should I calculate for the 500ml glass to get the maximum hydrogen density in the water? Currently I let it run 4×7 min.
    After 3 days of use, the jug filter no longer moved the “automatic” counter at the top, regardless of whether I kept the slide open for a short or long time. Is there any trick you could give me to help you along the way?
    Another question about the filter... Unfortunately, I have to admit that the filtered water doesn't taste as good to me as tap water, it's somehow more metallic. I think that's a real shame - is this perhaps due to the magnesium enrichment in the filter? Are the other Aquaphor models different in taste?
    I hope you can recommend one or two things to me…
    Many greetings and thanks in advance
    Alexandra H.

  35. Bettina H -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thank you for the quick, detailed email. The invoice has already been ordered from me and will be executed tomorrow. I don't trust Sofortüberweisung because I have to provide all my bank details online. I also avoid Paypal if possible.
    Please excuse this very long, detailed email 😉
    I have been the happy owner of a Truu Water water filter (back then called Wasserweik) for over six years, which I would never give up. Since I also provide the water as a water filling station (free of charge, of course), I always meet interesting people. Last week one of my “customers” filled his Age2Go hydrogen and gave me some of the water to try. I had just seen a film about H2-activated water and my ears pricked up.
    I've had pain in my shoulder for some time now, which hasn't gone away despite osteopathy and structural integration (Rolfing). Turmeric hasn't disappeared yet either. Well, when I got up the next morning I had no pain... I'm curious to see if this will be confirmed with long-term use.
    It is important to me that my water does not come into contact with plastic, because even BPA-free plastic is ultimately plastic. Firstly, my water is extremely absorbent and the idea that it will remove the plastic from the bottle is a horror to me. Secondly, I find it intolerable for environmental reasons to support plastic production. This has always been my motto 😉 and the other reason why I chose the 2.8.
    Plastic bottles, especially PET bottles, are extremely harmful to our health and I would greatly appreciate it if you would go into more detail about this. The hormones we consume through water in PET bottles should not be underestimated. Apart from that, the microplastic, which not only accumulates in our cells, but also massively and irreversibly pollutes the oceans and causes animals that mistake it for plankton to starve, is a huge catastrophe that many people are not aware of.
    Of course, I have already looked intensively at the information over the last few days and am really looking forward to the Age2Go. However, I probably won't use it for all my drinking water consumption as I prefer to drink warm water rather than cold water. But we'll see how it goes. Of course I will be happy to give you feedback.
    Best regards
    Bettina H

  36. To S. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Your delivery arrived today, thank you very much!
    The ionized water tastes really smooth! Especially after 2x 7 minutes. …
    ... first of all, happy holidays to you!
    Best regards,
    To S.

  37. Sieglinde S. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    The package arrived today. Thank you very much for that! …
    ...Yes, the water is great. In addition to the health aspect, I was also impressed by the fact that you stay fit for a really long time. The year before last I was on a one-day seminar - 450km one way - there in the morning, back in the evening and not tired at all. I had my bubbler with me. :-D And I would have taken a break if it had been different. …
    ...Kind regards from Rheinhessen
    Sieglinde S.

  38. Gaby M. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    I get the impression that you are quite knowledgeable about naturopathy.
    For several months now, no matter what I eat, I have always had slight upper abdominal pain. Maybe you have a tip for me on what I could do about it.

  39. Hedy S. -

    The hydrogen device is great! Thank you very much again! I also use hydrogen water successfully in the kitchen.
    Can I also spray hydrogen water on surgical wounds?
    What are the health aspects associated with hydrogen water? A user list would be great...
    ... Have a nice evening! Best regards
    Hedy S.

  40. Nhu Lai -

    Hello, good evening dear Yasin,
    Thank you very much for the sooo valuable water booster.
    That was really a successful surprise. I'm really happy about it 🙂
    The ionizer has been installed since yesterday afternoon and we are currently drinking ourselves healthily; )
    Interestingly, we already have Ballistol at home, but we didn't know that it works so well for the skin.
    Thank you so much for all the health tips and information.
    They are so helpful. I will try out a lot of information in the near future and report back.
    I would like to take you up on your offer to try out the internship.
    Preferably in the first week of Whitsun holidays from June 11.06.2019th, XNUMX.
    (For a small “trial internship” to get a first insight into your everyday life.)
    What do you think about that, you and Mr. Asenbaum, would that be possible for you?
    From my family, I would like to say a big thank you again for all your helpful efforts.
    Best regards,
    Nhu Lai and family

  41. Roger Z. -

    Hello Mr. Akgün
    ...Hydrogen is generally stimulating and makes you more awake, and is helpful against sore muscles, jet lag and generally against fatigue.
    We know from the internet what else it can do in the long run.
    The difference to the AGE2GO Booster is not noticeable to me.
    These are statements that I can support.
    Best Regards
    Roger Z.

  42. Grit -

    Hello dear Yasin,
    Thank you very much for all the information and changing the invoice. You are truly an angel in this world. You do this with so much commitment and conviction and joy that it triggers a sense of pleasure and gratitude that you exist. Thanks ! …
    ... Grit

  43. Riccardo V. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thanks for the info! Since the generator is already very popular, I would like to order a second one!
    We currently use this every day, meaning 3 hours of charging every day! …
    Since we are also completely satisfied with the whirl shower, I would like to place the following order!
    1x Aqua Volta Age2 Go 2,8
    1x swirl shower BLACK/TITANIUM
    ... Greetings from Upper Austria
    Riccardo V.

  44. Hung V. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thank you very much for the broadcast. I like the device, compact and simple. …
    … Best regards
    Hung V.

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  • Weight: 600 g
  • Power: 10W (operating) / 8,4W (charging)
  • Power reserve: Approx. 10 uses (5 minutes) – fully charged
  • Charging time: Approx. 2 hours
  • Power adapter: 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz. DC 5V, 2,5 A
  • Hydrogen performance: Water and time dependent. Up to 2,8 mg/l
  • Temperature range: 0-40 °C (77°F)

Downloads & instructions for the AquaVolta® Age2 Go 2.8 hydrogen water generator

Collection of various questions and answers about hydrogen and hydrogen boosters and Lourdes generator etc.

> Product-related questions and answers (water filters, water ionizers, glass bottles)

Titanium electrodes galvanically coated with the precious metal platinum

Hello Mr Akgün,

I was asked what material the electrode is for electrolysis technology the Aquavolta Booster uses. Titanium too?

Or other material? I look forward to receiving information material for our patients.

LG Michael W.

Answer from Yasin Akgün about electrode material:

Hello Dr. Michael W.,

Almost all electrolysis devices have titanium as a base material and a platinum layer that reliably delivers its catalytic performance even after 12 years.

We know this from old water ionizers that we received back from customers for inspection; we ourselves are amazed at how a 12-year-old water ionizer can still produce above pH 10.

The manufacturer who was the market leader in Korea at the time and who brought the technology to Korea is Ionia, whose best systems we also offer:

Hope this helps you

All the best

Yours, Yasin Akgün

PS: Further information in our FAQ post about electrodes and materials:

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Hello Mr. T.,
The glass tube has two different threads, just screw it the other way around.
See also the new video:
All the best, Yasin Akgün

Link to the article

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Good afternoon Mr. Akgün
Your delivery arrived safely last Monday – thank you very much for that.
Last Monday I tested the boosters briefly and noticed that they didn't work straight away. Today I did a few more runs. The following video was created (see attachment).

Both boosters have been filled to the brim with the tractor's Level 3 Alkaline Water and are in their second 7-minute run.

on the left of the picture: There seem to be more bubbles rising here (quantity) than on the right; the bubbles are medium sized; stream of bubbles is wider; the booster makes a noise reminiscent of CO2 water tingling; Minimally more condensation occurs

right: the quantity of bubbles seems to be less; the bubbles are very fine, between these fine bubbles a kind of “mist” of superfine bubbles rises, but very large bubbles also rise; the stream is thinner, “slower” and forms slight eddies; In addition to the tingling, there is a slight gurgling sound; the water is milkier after boosting; There is a louder noise when you open the lid

Where do you think the “better” water comes from?

Best regards, DennisL.

Where do you think the “better” water comes from?



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In comparison | Two hydrogen boosters from the same delivery

Reply from Yasin Akgün on October 20th. 2016 | Hydrogen booster | Running-in time and tightness

Hello Mr. L., thank you for your questions, which I would like to answer as follows:

Each hydrogen booster should first be soaked in water for 12 hours. You can also speed this up a bit by filling the hydrogen booster with warm water (maximum 50 degrees) and “soaking” the membrane before using it for the first time. Or just leave it filled with water for 12 hours. The video on the right shows this again. I created it last Sunday.

Otherwise, the pressure build-up. After you have ionized for at least 7 minutes (green level), you should feel or hear a pressure build-up when you open the lid. However, there are two sides to the glass tube. One is leaking. The other one doesn't.

But water bottles are best. These have a much smaller area to seal, and it is not a glass tube, but a water bottle. One side of it is already closed. Plastic bottles are probably best because the pressure can build up best in them, better than in solid, non-stretchable glass bottles.

You can also see the following video as an informative music video (2 music tracks can be heard):



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Video hydrogen booster accessories and initial commissioning

The thing with small and large bubbles:

That has nothing to say, because I think it also has something to do with the duck that has already built up in the bottle, the particularly large bubbles that you pictured in your video are just accumulated hydrogen bubbles that have formed under the electrode. Of course, it's all hard to judge, even if you've taken the trouble to watch the video. But there is a really simple solution as to how we can both know for sure. Just test it. Finally there is the possibility. Unfortunately, this option also costs as much as it costs you. €32,70, but it's worth it:

Also test how the whole thing behaves if you swap the glass bodies. Maybe it's the seal or something. I look forward to your feedback, which I will then publish here.

Kind regards from Munich, Yasin Akgün

Update hydrogen booster after the first two days

Good evening Mr. Akgün

..The matter with the boosters has been clarified in my opinion. It was a false alarm on my part - I'm really sorry!!!

I saw your video – thank you for that. I also soaked the booster membranes overnight, but it wasn't 12 hours.

I filled both boosters with water again, the 12 hours turned into 48 for me, hence the late reply.

Now there is a homogeneous appearance when the bubbles form (unfortunately it doesn't come across as well on the video as it does in real life) and the boosters make the same noise when working.

You now hear the same noise when you open the lid - so everything is fine!

Best regards



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second comparison | Two hydrogen boosters

Link to the article

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How does the HRW generator tumbler from Solco® compare to the hydrogen booster?

Tumbler from Solco - hydrogen water with PEM water cell

Comparing the Solco® Tumbler Hydrogen Water Bottle, Battery Operated vs AquaVolta® hydrogen booster

The “Tumbler” from the Korean company Solco®, which sells for just under €400 in Germany, has a seemingly similar design to that AquaVolta® hydrogen booster.

However, the crucial component missing is a condensation water pressure tank into which the oxygen to be removed during PEM electrolysis is removed.

Instead, the oxygen vapor escapes through a tiny hole in the base. The result of this cheap construction can be seen in the measured values:

Even in terms of redox potential, the “tumbler” is far behind the AquaVolta® hydrogen booster after 2 x 5 minutes of production time, although the amount of hydrogen water produced by it in the unpressurized EVIAN bottle is 800 ml, twice as large as the 400 ml in the tumbler .

It stands (-) 447 mV to (-) 294 mV for the AquaVolta® hydrogen booster.

The measurement with the H2 blue® kit also shows a clear superiority of the AquaVolta® hydrogen booster.

Solco® Tumbler after 10 minutes: 0,8 ppm AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster after 10 minutes: 1,2 ppm

Link this post | Link to the post

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> General questions about water and alkaline water

Why is it nonsense to drink oxygenated water and better to remove the dissolved oxygen from drinking water, as is done with a water ionizer?

Oxygen rusts everything. It ensures the gain of electrons for those who use it, including us. It is the weapon with which we squeeze the energy source hydrogen out of our food for our own energy budget. Why is it nonsense to drink oxygenated water and better to remove the dissolved oxygen from drinking water, as is done with a water ionizer?


  • At a minimum we need 20 g of oxygen per hour. This is a state shortly before death. In fact, we can achieve this by drinking 1 liter of the best oxygenated water on the market. This means we even achieve 13 percentage points more than necessary. • A competitive athlete needs 500 g of oxygen per hour. We can only cover 4,52% of this with one liter of the best oxygenated water. Every breath brings far more.
  • A high-performance fish of our body weight would have to squeeze around 20 liters of “oxygen water” through its gills every hour in order to generate the same combustion output in its cells as a human athlete.
  • People get almost any amount of oxygen into their bodies through lung breathing, as air contains 21% oxygen. Dolphins are also far superior in their performance to sharks of the same size.
  • Fact source: 1097408-0/

Link this post | Link to the post

  • Caroline says:
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    New Multifunction Waterproof Backpack The best ever SUPER Backpack: Drop-proof/Scratch-resistant/USB Charging/Large capacity storage 50% OFF for the next 24 Hours ONLY + FREE Worldwide Shipping for a LIMITED time Buy now: https://thebackpack. co Enjoy, Caroline
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    The brand term AquaVolta ® is made up of the Latin term for water (aqua) and the name of the battery's inventor, Alessandro Volta

    • It stands for electro-activated water.
    • Originally in Germany people spoke of electrolyte water, later “active water”. In the English-speaking world it is often referred to as “reduced” or “ionized” water.
    • The characteristic of AquaVolta® is that it has a negative electrical voltage compared to a measuring electrode, a so-called negative redox potential.
    • The lower the redox potential, the more willing the water is to give up electrons. This willingness doubles for every 0,018 volts (18 millivolts) lower redox potential. AquaVolta® has a redox potential that is 400 to 800 millivolts lower than tap water or bottled mineral water.
    • Due to its high willingness to give up electrons, AquaVolta® is also called antioxidant water designated. It is not only used by doctors for therapy, but is also establishing itself as a modern everyday drink due to its pleasant taste
    • From today's scientific perspective, the main factor responsible for the antioxidant power of AquaVolta® is: Dissolved hydrogen gas content (“dissolved hydrogen” or DH2). In order to strengthen this, the AquaVolta® hydrogen booster

    Link to the article

  • Lyle says:
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    World's Best Neck Massager Get it Now 50% OFF + Free Shipping! Wellness Enthusiasts! There has never been a better time to take care of your neck pain! Our clinical-grade TENS technology will ensure you have neck relief in as little as 20 minutes. Get Yours: Best Wishes, Lyle Age2 Go 2.8 ppm | PEM hydrogen water generator
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