Aquavolta® Nano Hydrogen Booster 2.0 | Portable H2 generator with PEM cell


(45 customer ratings)
  • Hydrogen generator for producing hydrogen water with a very high H2 content
  • Running time: 5 minutes, hydrogen yield, in 250ml cylinder (PC, BPA-free): approx. 400 ppb (parts per billion) or 0,4 ppm (parts per million) per minute, approx. 2 ppm or more after 5 minutes, after 2x 5 minutes approx. 4 ppm or more H2 content
  • Suitable for all water, including reverse osmosis and distilled water
  • Battery operated, USB-C charging cable (included), charging time 90 minutes, up to approx. 90 minutes running time
  • 2 years warranty, then, if there is a defect, old-for-new for €247
  • Ø 60 cm, height: 20 cm, 470 g, USB-C charging (no quick charging allowed)
  • Instructions Aquavolta® Nano 2.0 (latest version) 5 min – Hydrogen Booster 11.pdf
  • Manual Aquavolta® Nano 2 H2-Water Generator 5Min 11p-web english.pdf
  • Current version 2.0: with 5 minutes running time, but longer battery life
  • Successor, developed by us: Aquavolta®H2 Turbo

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You will also receive the following products when you purchase the hydrogen booster, please select the price in the selection window (clickable images):

Aquavolta® Nano Hydrogen Booster | Latest PEM membrane technology & approx. 3,5 bar pressure build-up

The Aquavolta® Nano Hydrogen booster keeps the water neutral and does not produce wastewater. Thanks to its high-pressure technology, it can store even more hydrogen in the water than a normal water ionizer. Energy on the go. Always and everywhere fresh.

Aquavolta® Nano Hydrogen Booster for producing H2 water narrow 1700

Image video | Aquavolta® Nano H2 Booster Version 2 | 5 min running time

H2+pressure shake test method on the Aquavolta® Nano H2 Booster

Booster Battle 12: Aquavolta® Nano H2 Booster vs. No Name Booster

Bubble size nano booster with lid & without lid

Download Tina's book: The Hydrogen Method.pdf

Nano hydrogen booster for at home and on the go

For many years it was considered irrefutable that activated water only retains its negative redox potential and thus its electron wealth for a few hours to days.

But when it was discovered that dissolved hydrogen was the decisive factor for the antioxidant effect, an industry developed that pressed hydrogen at high pressure into multi-layered water bags, where the content could be maintained for several months. However, such a bag with 0,2 liters of hydrogen water costs around €4 and also causes major waste problems.

We designed the AquaVolta® NANO hydrogen booster so that you don't have to rely on a single type of water. If you don't trust the tap water available on the go, you can fill your H2 booster with filtered tap water and even water from a reverse osmosis system (RO water).

You can also fill the BPE-free polycarbonate container with your favorite mineral water. It is even possible to unscrew the polycarbonate container and screw on a mineral water bottle with a 30 mm thread (plastic bottles only!) instead. Since bottles do not have pressure equalization holes, this method is always second choice.

Customer video: H2 test Aquavolta® Nano with blue titration drops

Note: Even after 10 minutes, or even after 5 minutes, the content can be so high!

Aquavolta® Nano H2 Generator - hydrogen water - light purple close up

What is a hydrogen booster or an HRW generator?

  • The brand term Aquavolta® is made up of the Latin term for water (aqua) and the name of the battery's inventor, Alessandro Volta. It stands for electro-activated water.
  • Originally in Germany people spoke of electrolyte water, later “active water”. In the English-speaking world it is often referred to as “reduced”, “ionized” or “hydrogen-rich” water.
  • The characteristic of AquaVolta® is that it has a negative electrical voltage relative to a measuring electrode, a so-called negative redox potential.
  • The lower the redox potential, the more willing the water is to give up electrons. This willingness doubles for every 0,018 volts (18 millivolts) lower redox potential. AquaVolta® water has a redox potential that is 400 to 800 millivolts lower than tap water or bottled mineral water.
  • Due to its high willingness to release electrons, AquaVolta® is also known as antioxidant water. It is not only used by doctors for therapy, but is also establishing itself as a modern everyday drink due to its pleasant taste
  • From today's scientific perspective, the content of dissolved hydrogen gas ("dissolved hydrogen" or dH2) is considered to be primarily responsible for the antioxidant power of AquaVolta®. To reinforce this, the AquaVolta® NANO was developed. It reflects the state of the art in 2021.
Aquavolta Nano H2 Generator - Hydrogen Water - Light Turquoise
Aquavolta® Nano H2 Generator - Hydrogen Water - Light Pink

Working principle of the SPE membrane electrolysis technology

SPE membrane electrolysis principle - diagram

Hydrogen Water – The New Bar for Drinking | Hydrogen Rich

When it comes to a device for on the go, one thing is clear: there is no point in making water more energy-rich with hydrogen if it does not meet the demanding requirements for drinking water.

That's why we have it Nano Hydrogen booster designed so that, unlike a stationary water ionizer, it does not rely on a single type of water. If you don't want to trust existing tap water, you can use any trustworthy bottled water and even water from a reverse osmosis system (RO water).

Thanks to the integrated bottle adapter, you can also ionize the water directly in the plastic mineral water bottle and enrich it with hydrogen, but we do not recommend this as it shortens the lifespan of the electrolysis cell.

Only restriction:

The water must not contain carbon dioxide. Otherwise the overall gas pressure will increase too much.

Hydrogen in drinking water | Electrolysis of H2O | H2 therapy

From the redox potential to measuring the dissolved hydrogen in active water

In the past, only the redox potential was measured to determine the antioxidant effect of activated water. But this is a very imprecise and relative value because the redox potential depends not only on the dissolved hydrogen, but also on the different redox potentials of the various substances dissolved in the water, e.g. B. Minerals are influenced. (see also the video about baby milk powder and water selection)

After the role of hydrogen was recognized as important, a supposed hydrogen measuring device came onto the market in Japan (Trustlex ENH 1000), which calculates a dissolved hydrogen content from the measured redox potential using an experience-based conversion factor of approx. (-)2,14 wanted to derive. However, this factor has been criticized by numerous experts and Trustlex itself admits that the device does not work properly.

AquaVolta Hydrogen Booster Water Activator - Hydrogen measurement with H2 Blue Kit drops

Measurement | Hydrogen content | with the H2 Blue Kit ® test drops with the predecessor hydrogen booster

1 drop of the H2 Blue Kit ® is currently internationally recognized as evidence of 100 ppb (0,1 ppm) of dissolved hydrogen in water.

  1. In the picture (middle) you can see the normal container of the hydrogen booster, which was filled with 0,2 l tap water (Munich) and 10 drops of the H2 Blue Kit ® reagent solution.
  2. After 25 seconds of operation, the solution decolorized and thus detected dissolved hydrogen.
  3. In the 7 minute operating level, the hydrogen booster reached 1,7 ppm with the same tap water.
    This corresponds to a supersaturation of 0,1 ppm.

Procedure for testing the molecular hydrogen content with the H2 blue® kit

H2 Blue Kit hydrogen test liquid by titration method practice

The molecular hydrogen content test with the H2 Blue® Kit is carried out immediately after production. To do this, carefully fill a 6 ml water sample into the measuring cup and add a drop of the blue measuring liquid. Each drop that discolors represents 0,1 ppm (=100 ppb) of dissolved hydrogen gas. If a drop no longer discolors itself, you can stir gently.

If the liquid still does not change color, the last drop added to the water no longer counts. Water under normal atmospheric pressure can contain up to 1,6 ppm hydrogen gas (full saturation). With the AquaVolta® Hydrogen Booster you can also produce supersaturated water with over 4 ppm (after 10 minutes of running time). However, this falls back to full saturation within a few minutes when the sample comes into contact with the normal atmosphere. If you want a lot of hydrogen, you have to drink it quickly.

Hydrogen water | Best made with alkaline, already activated water from a water ionizer or, even better, from the Aquavolta® H2 Rocket

In contrast to alkaline active water from one classic water ionizer the pH value of the treated water is maintained in the nano. Hydrogen water can also be slightly acidic, although not as much hydrogen can be stored as in alkaline water. For example, we measure a significantly lower hydrogen content in slightly acidic reverse osmosis water treated in the same way than in slightly alkaline mineral water such as Aqua Panna: The ratio is 1,2 ppm to 1,9 ppm for mineral water.

The currently best water ionizer that we produce ourselves here in the Aquacentrum, designed by Yasin Akgün and Karl Heinz Asenbaum, is the Aquavolta® H2 Rocket or integrated with a reverse osmosis membrane Aquavolta® Osminion. Both deliver outstanding H2 values ​​between 3 to 5 ppm. So as high as the Nano Hydrogen Booster, but the whole thing in flow! A very innovative, new approach.

Aquavolta H2 Rocket 3.1 - table water system for alkaline H2 water 400

Hydrogen water – Don’t just drink it! | recommendations

  • Drink up to 0,3 l per 10 kg of body weight daily. Correspondingly more at high temperatures and/or heavy physical exertion. Use water that is as alkaline as possible. One of the classic ones would be ideal AquaVolta® water ionizer, which already prepares filtered alkaline activated water that already contains 0,6 to 1,2 ppm hydrogen or, better yet, the new one Aquavolta® H2 Rocket, which achieves outstanding values ​​between 3 and 5 ppm. The hydrogen booster can then store additional hydrogen in the water thanks to its high-pressure technology, making it suitable for placing food in:
  • Soak fruits, salads, cut flowers, raw eggs, fish, meat and vegetables in fresh hydrogen water for 15-30 minutes. Such foods refresh themselves by absorbing hydrogen, which even passes through eggshells. The penetration of hydrogen reduces the redox potential of the food, which, for example, the food tester Prof. Dr. Manfred Hoffmann considers it to be a sign of higher food quality.
  • Mix milk powder, diet powder, fitness powder etc. with hydrogen water. Dissolve mineral and vitamin mixtures in it. The redox potential also decreases favorably due to the role of dissolved hydrogen.
  • Buy juice concentrates – if possible with an organic seal. This is what you do No more dragging and environmental pollution from beverage packaging. No manufacturer on the market can yet supply juices with better redox potential. Please refer: Asenbaum, KH, Electroactivated Water, Munich 2016, p. 43 ff.
  • Mix alcoholic drinks and cocktails with hydrogen water. They become milder and the taste comes into its own better. Make ice cubes from hydrogen water.
  • After drinking alcohol, drink 2 glasses in the evening and 2 glasses the next morning on an empty stomach.
  • Give your pets (dogs, cats…) hydrogen-rich water to drink and watch the positive changes in coat and overall health.

45 Reviews for Aquavolta® Nano Hydrogen Booster 2.0 | Portable H2 generator with PEM cell

  1. Alfons Bauer -

    I too can only say positive things: I was extremely thirsty and after I drank half a liter of the water, the thirst was simply gone!

  2. Anna N -

    First of all, some feedback, I'm super happy with my hydrogen device! I regularly have people stop by to drink a glass of “good water”. Word has already gotten around. …
    … Best regards,
    Anna N

  3. Ozan O. -

    Hello dear Yasin.
    Thank you again for your offer!!
    And thanks for the link, I love the Teutons (formerly Yermanen, so Yerman, yerin adamı=farmer)!
    Three years ago I had extremely advanced tennis elbow and couldn't even open bottles anymore. Then the charlatans with the white coats wanted to operate on me or inject things into me. Since these cuts were not compatible with my faith and convictions (because I know that if you are not born with the suffering, you can heal it yourself), I decided to cure it myself. Water fasting was the ultimate consequence. That's how I came to it. So I researched for months and then came across hydrogen water. But it was too expensive for me to spend €1200 on the Lourdes generator. Since then I've only drunk Lauretana until I came across the topic again last week by chance! Then, thank God the Father, I came across you. The test with the droplets, your transparent and honest nature plus the price were the deciding factors for buying from you!
    Allah send razı olsun İnsanlığa verdiğin hizmet için!!!
    güzel birine benziyorsun!!! Olduğun gibi kal!
    Ozan O.

  4. B. -

    In the Future we work 🙂 very kindly service

  5. Kerim Malkoc -

    Hello Yasin,
    I have had constant tinnitus in my right ear for about 6 years. I have been using your ionizer (Aquavolta) and Nano H2O device for about 2 months. I can hear better day by day and my tinnitus has reduced significantly. I think that definitely has a connection with the two devices.
    Thank you for your professional and continued advice.
    Kerim Malkoc

  6. Almut Q. -

    Hi Mr. Akgün,
    Thank you for your detailed information, which I have already passed on to various friends
    passed on. …
    ...As a small thank you, I'm sending you my photo of 8 day old crisp H2 roses.

    My experience with peeled apples: dripped with H2: they remain white (antiox effect)
    Without: they turn brown.
    I wish you continued success with H2 and health. …
    Almut Q.

  7. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Dear Ms. F.,
    Thank you for your email and your kind words

    So actually the Aquavolta® Nano is designed for a fall of 1 meter, it should continue to work. But of course, if the bottle cracks, there's nothing you can do
    I'm sending a bottle tomorrow, I would charge €10 for the bottle and €6,50 shipping costs
    See Appendix
    Hope that's ok
    Wonderful start to the week
    Yasin Akgun

  8. Marie Angela F. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Do you have the transparent middle part as a spare part for the Aquavolta Nano Hydrogen Booster 2.0?
    Unfortunately today the device that I picked up from you two weeks ago fell on the floor. It still works, but the middle section where the water is poured is cracked and leaking.
    If you have a spare part, please send it to me.
    If not, I'll order a new device. I'm excited about the hydrogen water; I'm drinking more water than I have in a long time.
    Can you give me a special price again?
    Have a nice Sunday and best regards
    Marie Angela F.

  9. Stevie -

    Great, thank you very much for that. Alongside…. I had given my mother the NANO because of dizziness and 5 mini-strokes visible on the MRI. And what can I say... she has been drinking her H2 water regularly since then, about 5-6 portions and she is feeling much better!!! Her dizziness is almost gone and her general well-being has also improved significantly!!! Since I'm really getting rid of the NANO, which is a good thing, I'm wondering if and when you might be able to get me another AWESOME PRICE... oh oh... I hope I'm not going too far with my question here... If so, please just ignore my question...... warm greetings from Leverkusen and a blessed Sunday to you and your family.

  10. Sonja Michel -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    thanks for your quick reply. I will order the filters. I just now realized that I can leave the oxygen water in my Nano and wait a little. What a big difference in taste. I can hardly believe it. I've now immediately gotten into the habit of making new hydrogen water immediately after emptying the Nano and simply keeping it sealed in the device.
    I will order the filters right away. Should you actually descale the Nano often with this citric acid that I saw on your homepage? Now I only use water from the jug filter. I'll order it as a precaution.
    I still have craftsmen in the house and unfortunately very little time. But I will deal with this ionizer. Maybe first a mobile ionizer, since I'm often in Alsace. Then I could take him with me.
    best regards and have a nice weekend
    Sonja Michel

  11. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Oh, Ms. R.
    Thank you for your email and kind words, can I use it online, see attachment, it would be a help
    And would like to write more...
    So please just try everything I've written
    Ballistol Universal Oil (not Neo-Ballistol), what I sent, 500ml bottle, 1 teaspoon a day, please do, is therefore urgently “prescribed”!
    It will help immediately, 10 minutes after taking it, itching less
    6 months later, everything gone without scars with luck, like it was for me.
    And also like to smear on the skin, but more importantly, drink, 1 teaspoon per day.
    I look forward to your experiences and good news
    Bye for now
    Kind regards and have a nice start to the week
    Yours, Yasin Akgün

  12. Fabiana R. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thank you again for the fascinating and informative advice, which I have never received before. Thank you!
    I just ordered the water booster and will try it out first. Furthermore, I will of course study your great information, thank you very much for your great effort. If it's no problem, I would like to watch more videos if it worked as discussed over the phone.
    When treating neurodermatitis with Ballistol, I wanted to ask whether it was really suitable for the skin because I saw on the internet that it was a car cleaner.
    Thank you very much for your answer and have a nice, relaxing weekend.
    Best regards,
    Fabiana R.

  13. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Dear Ms. Steinhoff,
    Thank you very much for your very motivating words.
    I would like to use this as a review online, if I may, please, see screenshot attached.
    Yes, H2 gas inhalation and drinking H2-rich water from the nano, which almost everyone does late. It's also really good for me to receive these great reports by email from users like you.
    Thanks. …
    … Because of the question about meditation.
    So in the evening I like to lie down on a Biomat heating mat and inhale and then fall asleep soon.
    And otherwise I breathe while working sometimes for 5 hours a day. And yes, the gurgling sound is relaxing.
    I'm looking forward to further experiences
    All the best from Munich
    Kind regards
    Yours, Yasin Akgün

  14. Irene S. HP -

    Dear Mr. Akgün
    Thank you for letting us use the AquaVolta H2 Mobile Inhaler on a trial basis
    and the NANO hydrogen booster. Everything completely new to me...
    A revelation! These are real power givers - that's exactly what I needed in my current (or rather previous) situation, but I also see countless advantages in everyday use. Actually, I “just” wanted to replace the expensive blood wash with ozone – and thanks to God I ended up with you and H2 during my research.
    I've already experimented a bit: boosted limp herbs, fruit and vegetables (gassed with the inhaler tube in the water pot with lid)
    The NANO now replaces my morning coffee (which I could no longer tolerate), makes my head fresh and clear and yes, replaces some meals that are unnecessary.
    This creates an “unburdened” attitude to life and there is more than enough power. Excellent ! Cheers!
    So I would like to accept your kind offer:
    The Aquavolta H2 Mobil and another NANO for the first, as I understood it. …
    ... Have you already had experience meditating with the H2 inhaler?
    People no longer fall asleep, the quiet, gentle gurgling sound is deeply calming - and soon it will no longer be noticed at all! Wonderful ❤ experiences..
    That alone makes some people very curious.
    So I'll leave you with a warm greeting,
    I look forward to your reply
    Yours, Irene S. HP

  15. Sonja Michel -

    super nice answer from Ms. M.:
    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    Today was Christmas for me. Many many thanks. I was very happy. What a nice gesture. Nothing like this has ever happened to me. I'm really very happy.
    We keep in touch.
    Kind regards
    Sonya M.

  16. Tina -

    H2 water reduces and protects against hair loss. Since I regularly drink hydrogen water with my Aquavolta, my hair loss has reduced dramatically. After washing my hair and blow-drying it, there is hardly any hair left in my brush. Here there are 22 hairs. For many years since I hit 40, my hair loss was tremendous and has continued to improve since then.
    …view image here

  17. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hi Harald,
    wow, that's what I call an experience report, thank you! A test video would be even better, where you show 2 freshly filled waters and then catch the cat when she drinks it, preferably more often. And at the end show how much water is left in which bowl. So a multi-part. Just as inspiration. Thanks for everything, see you soon, Yasin

  18. Jürgen -

    Hello Yasin,
    ...Anyway, I'm definitely impressed with the first impression of the H2 water.
    Tastes almost like it comes from a mountain spring in the Eifel.
    A wonderful weekend

  19. Harald -

    Hello Yasin,
    I've been using the Nano for three months now.
    I'm very satisfied and the additional energy is a real gain.
    Last week we tried a NanoTest on two cats at our neighbor's house.
    A bowl of tap water vs. a bowl of my Schucki water: filtered tap water processed with Nano Buster.
    You can't manipulate animals.
    The cats left the bowl of tap water standing.
    Even days later, people would only drink from the bowl with the Nano Schnucki water in it.
    I would like to thank you again for the extremely competent and friendly advice and fast delivery.
    Keep it up.

    LG from the Rhineland

  20. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Dearest Ms. Michel,
    You really made me very happy with your kind words, I think you could write books. Very nice way of writing, thank you.
    I want to reward you and send you another Nano Booster free of charge.
    It also comes with a jug filter, so your daughter, like you, has an easy time. Should I send it somewhere else? To your daughter or something?

    The Nano goes in this direction:
    Great experience report from the mother-in-law of

    And you are welcome to write more, about other experiences, like Tina Happy,

    I look forward to your answer
    Everything continues to love.
    Kind regards
    Yours, Yasin Akgün

    PS: May I leave your kind words online please, you can also change your name to Sonja M. if you prefer:

  21. Sonja Michel -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,
    Thank you very much for the nice consultation and all the good tips and advice you gave me. I will be looking into these topics a little more intensively in the coming weeks.
    I already told you how satisfied I am with the hydrogen boosters. First, however, it sat in my kitchen for a few days because I had to study the manual thoroughly before using it for the first time. But then I finally took my time and put the booster to use.
    At that time I was suffering from very painful “heartburn!”, especially at night. Actually, it was much more painful than regular heartburn. It was a circular pain that shot through my chest to my back and burned so violently that it brought me out of a deep sleep. It got so bad that I often had to get up and walk around the room until the pain went away. They were much worse when I was lying down than when I was standing or moving. And even water with a little baking soda sometimes didn't help. So there was no question of a restful sleep. This was also noticeable during the day. It left me in a bad mood, irritable and even my eyesight deteriorated.
    I've been drinking hydrogen water every day for about 10-14 days now. I started with ¼ liter, now it's 2 liters per day.
    After just a few days, my symptoms disappeared. I will no longer be woken from my sleep. No burning pain at night, which has a positive effect on my mood during the day, including improved vision.
    We will definitely buy another booster. I am very stunned. Also how good the water tastes. It's no problem to drink 2 liters of it per day.
    Thank you again for all the good advice that I get from you in addition to the products.
    Kind regards
    Sonja Michel

  22. Stefan S. -

    Update on my H2 water experience: In my review I already reported on the initial severe pain in my wrists. You have to know that I always had a cracking and crunching sensation in my wrists when I turned my hands into a fist. I assume it's probably deposits in my joints. Well, more or less by chance I noticed two days ago that my wrists no longer make any noise. Since then I've been testing it every day to see if it stays that way, and what can I say... dead silence in my wrists!!! Absolutely awesome!!! I assume that the hydrogen actually not only has a cleansing effect, but also has a strong regulating effect. That also explains my initial aggravations. Thank you again for the NANO. Because of the amazing and quick effect of H2, I left the booster to my mother... I think there will be a lot to do regarding her joints!!! Best regards

  23. FranzW. -

    The booster arrived safely at the beginning of the week.
    Am thrilled! The taste of the water is so soft and velvety...
    I ordered another device today!
    Thank you

  24. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hi Stevie,
    Thank you for your super nice words. So Turbo Booster, there will be an Aquavolta® H2 Turbo at some point, the name is practically reserved, it will come out in about 2 months, and it will be a little nicer, but more or less the same values. Screwing bottles onto it doesn't matter. Booster is not recommended, as high pressures can build up there. Otherwise, the booster can fall into the water or fall from a height of 1 meter. It has been tested and is not an issue
    All the best, thank you, Yasin

  25. Stevie Schneider -

    Due to its design, the NANO is the actual “TO GO” booster. The BPA-free container is very thick-walled and forgiving, unlike glass
    more. The tapered thread also makes it very easy to drink directly from the booster. As far as performance goes, all I can say is that the NANO certainly sets new standards and I would describe it as more of a TURBO BOOSTER. If the NANO had a transparent silicone sleeve for both the base and the screw lid, then it would definitely qualify as a real “outdoor booster”. All in all, the NANO is a great device and will be my “daily driver” from now on. THANK YOU YASIN!!!

  26. valentine -

    Hi Yasin,
    Thank you very much for the booster, I'm very excited, much better than the previous devices...
    : )
    Thanks for the afternoon yesterday.

  27. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Thank you very much Ms. U.,
    The play of colors should also be a color therapy, not only for you, but also for your water.
    And at the same time an advertising tool, because people then ask, what kind of water is that...
    Thank you for your super nice, very motivating words
    Please also note:
    All love,
    Yours, Yasin Akgün

  28. Beate U. -

    We have been using this booster every day for three months. I bought it for a sick family member, but was skeptical as to whether he would actually prepare a portion of hydrogen water four times a day. I also thought that the glowing ring at the bottom, which always changes color during the preparation phase, would be a nice but actually unnecessary gimmick that could be done without.
    I soon realized that this was not the case. Because it's just fun to watch the color change or to let it play on the table while you're eating, especially when it's a little dark. It is actually a gadget 🙂 This means that preparing hydrogen water is not an unpleasant chore, but rather something you enjoy doing. This is important, especially when it comes to therapy, otherwise the booster would soon just sit there unused.
    The device is handy and the amount of drink prepared is just right for immediate consumption. Both my sick family member and I use the booster several times a day and I can recommend it without reservation.

  29. Valentina H. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    Thank you very much for the quick processing
    and lots of helpful information!
    I transferred the amount this morning!
    Also thanks for the opportunity to get more discounts, I will definitely use them again!
    I came across the topic of hydrogen-rich water 3-4 years ago, found it very interesting and immediately bought a device on Amazon! After a few weeks of use, I found my overall condition (digestion, skin, hair, balance, etc.) to be significantly better and I associate it, among other things, with the daily use of the booster.
    I then recommended it to my mom and sister. I'll probably replace mom's booster next year (it's not one of your devices), my sister has only now "grown up" with the topic and now wants a booster like that!
    The booster that I ordered from Amazon gave up the ghost after about a year and that's how I came across your site!
    Kind regards
    Valentina H.

  30. Yavuz -

    Hello Yasin, Nano has just arrived. I'm really excited about the great, high-quality product. Thank you
    Nano instructions have read everything, water is filled and I'm charging it fully... I'm excited to see how it tastes and how I'll feel afterwards. But so far everything is 1A, as if I had opened an iPhone 20 waw very high quality.. Really and test I would then write a detailed text about it later.

  31. donald.lehmann -

    Hello Yasin, 
    It's been two weeks now and I'm really surprised at the effect of the H2 from your legendary nano booster. I have a congenital mental illness and react very sensitively to everything. I just notice how I'm feeling better physically. I enjoy a consistently higher energy level every day. But also on a psychological and spiritual level, I notice how a much more positive and stable feeling is emerging and I haven't had any slacks since then. I also gave my old parents a Nano. They are also full of praise and have been drinking almost twice as much since then.
    It really is a very sensible investment. Thank you very much!
    D. Lehmann

  32. Alexander -

    Dear Aquacentrum team, dear Yasin,
    Thank you for the excellent advice from you and your employees – always very friendly, competent and helpful. Since I have been a customer of the Aquacentrum for a long time, there have been device updates from time to time. I now have, among other things, 2x the Nano Booster (hydrogen) and 2x Aquavolta Age 2.8 (also hydrogen booster). Nano is extremely fast, but Age 2.8 has a larger vessel volume, hence my combination of both device types. The redox value that I measured several times (around – 500 mV) exceeds my expectations, within just a few minutes. So I'm very impressed. The Aquacentrum's customer orientation has also been excellent for many years: fast, reliable, unbureaucratic, easy to reach. What is also pleasant in this context is that the same and therefore knowledgeable contacts have been working for years. Thanks!

  33. SF -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    The Nano is cute! Just the right size so that nothing is left over.
    You have to close the lid really tightly, otherwise water will run out of the top.
    Yesterday I saw the effect of hydrogen impressively: I was given two sunflowers that had been cut off and left in the warm car for over 9 hours. Of course they were wilted and the leaves and petals were limp. I cut it off and put it in water and added a fill of hydrogen water from the Nano. After a while the leaves became firm again and the petals also became almost 100% fresh again. Very impressive!
    Best regards,

  34. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hi Donald
    Thank you for your kind words
    I would like to put this online as a testimonial if I may
    Yes, I have a text module program in which I have a lot of links and a few more tricks so that I can take care of a lot of people every day.
    I also talk about this a lot and help:
    Elysion is good, but I would rather recommend ours, or the 2 best ionizers:
    But the Nano is our best product, also in terms of sales.
    Every ionizer customer needs it, as the electrical ones don't create such high values ​​because they don't generate any pressure
    I look forward to your experiences
    See you soon
    All the best

  35. D. -

    Dear Yasin,
    Allow me to write to you via first name.
    I'm impressed by how you care about your customers, in addition to everything else you do. How do you manage all of this?
    Thank you very much for all your valued information. I would really like to look at these.
    I have been treating my tap water in an Em ceramic jug for twenty years, which I thought was sufficient and I was happy with it. When health problems arose about a year ago, I bought the ionizer (built-in version) from Jan Telepski. A big investment for me, but one that I am very happy with.
    By chance I came across a video from your Mr. Asenbaum and thus the topic of H2, which is new territory for me. In the case of elysis water, the alkaline water with the redox potential was in the foreground, hydrogen only in the background. I have the feeling that he's missing out on the important H2 topic a bit, which has to be the absolute core topic. I watched your videos and am amazed at how authentically, seriously and with joy you test all the devices. That's what motivated me to buy the convincing nanobooster from you. Jan Telepski from Elysionwasser also offers a tried and tested variant (see shop) which you have also tested, but the Nano clearly beats it.
    I'm really looking forward to your package, it makes drinking away fun too
    Wish you the best of the good!
    Best regards

  36. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hey dear Alexandra,
    Thank you for your email. Man, there's no reason to be sad, as long as no one was endangered, everything can be done again.
    From what it looks like to me, it's just the bottle. It should actually be able to withstand a fall of 1 meter, but perhaps the booster was active at the time, i.e. under pressure...
    Send you a new bottle to Asturias on Monday and I think that should be sorted. Would symbolically charge €10 for shipping to Spain, OK? Wow, Asturias, how brilliant, I just love San Sebastian (Donostia) and also the whole Atlantic coast, such beautiful bays and beaches and everything. And the people, wow. I also thought Gijon was great...
    Let me know if it's OK to send the bottle forward.
    Thank you

  37. Alexandra -

    Dear Yasin,
    I'm super happy with the Nano booster so far! I immediately noticed better sleep quality using my Ouraring!
    Unfortunately the Nano fell on the floor yesterday and is now losing water through a leak in the glass (photo attached). Could this be sorted through insurance somehow? I have a household item in Spain that also covers the dog... I'm really really sad!
    Please let me know how we can sort this out. I want to enjoy my H2 water again!
    Thank you and greetings from Asturias

  38. Manfred Gretzinger -

    Hello Yasin. As a long-time customer, I am thrilled with the new Aquavolta Nano - the best hydrogen booster of all time with USB C charging option. I already own the previous models such as the Aqua Living, but there is no comparison - the Nano achieves the best performance with its output of 0,4 ppm H2 (measured even with a Hana measuring device). It's an aesthetic eye-catcher with its play of colors, it's a super handy size, it doesn't have any wastewater to drain like before and the battery lasts a really long time. The water flows through like a lubricant, which the bladder thanks. The restorative and energetic effect can be felt very strongly in the body. This device clearly belongs in every household. I would even give more than 5 stars if possible.

  39. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Oh Eric,
    Thank you so much for these super nice words, I'm melting 😉

  40. Dieter -

    Yasin, would be on Tuesday. 3.8. come to you if that's right. Then we'll discuss it calmly and I'll decide whether water will be my main activity in the future. The Rocket shows its first effect above, digestion for both of them significantly improved after 2 weeks.

  41. Eric -

    After PayPal rejected the option of paying in installments, Yasin kindly offered to pay me the Aquavolta® Nano directly to him in 4 installments (without additional fees). Without Yasin's courteous support, I would not have been able to purchase the Aquavolta® Nano.

    The small Nano appears to be robust and of very high quality, and the enclosed instructions leave no questions unanswered. The enriched water tastes noticeably softer and it “feels” very good to drink.

    I have been looking for the perfect water for several years and have already had many filter and treatment systems behind me. Currently my water is filtered through a reverse osmosis system, remineralized and then informed and structured by gemstones and EM ceramics. This water is very pleasant and digestible, but the water quality I now have when this water comes from the Aquavolta® Nano is really a completely different story. I am very intuitive and sensitive, the water that the Nano produces feels really, really good and pleasant.

    By drinking the hydrogen water from the Nano, I was able to watch my mood change from melancholic/slightly depressed to a much lighter, happier one. I feel more motivation and drive internally and generally feel more alive and energetic and at the same time lighter and more relaxed. My water is enriched by the Nano twice for 2 minutes each time.

    Since I've only had the Nano for a few days, I can't report any long-term experience.

    Thanks to the friendly and supportive contact with Yasin, I can and will definitely recommend this shop.
    The water that the Aquavolta® Nano produces also impresses me on all levels.

    I am very grateful for Yasin's support and that from now on I can drink this soothing water from the Nano every day.
    Many many thanks! 🙂

  42. P. Mario -

    Greetings you
    I have struggled with my psyche for the last two years and have had severe depression since I was young.
    Then about a year ago I was offered PM-International and Fitline, by collecting more and more information I discovered that at Fitline they simply produce hydrogen through the sugar and that makes everyone feel so good, so a product as the “miracle cure” sell something that has nothing in it and is just money-making and brainwashing.
    Now I wanted to prove to you that it works with simpler means, I have never tolerated the products because I always had diarrhea all the time, probably intolerance to the sorbites mannitols and other sugars.
    And mentally I felt a little better, but I didn't want to pay 80 euros for sugar anymore.
    So I kept searching on the Internet and so on, I've also used hydrogen peroxide and so on for my psoriasis before and it gave better results than most creams and medications from conventional medicine.
    I hope that the hydrogen water can enrich me even more.
    I'll be happy when I get it
    Kind regards, P. Mario

  43. Daniel -

    Hello Yasin!
    Got it today, charged it and already drank it
    The water is super soft like butter.
    Thank you!
    Greetings from sunny Slovenia!
    P.S. The old generators are already on their way to Germany from yesterday.

  44. Eva B. -

    Dear Yasin,
    Thank you so much for everything, it's almost hard to believe that there are such compassionate, trusting people today, but this is already 5 D!!!
    I wanted to buy the Rocket, but I already have the Nano and Modern and due to my somewhat strained financial (which is why I got a great discount) and health situation at the moment, Yasin said that I should postpone it for now and wait and see how it goes After the operation, I'll have to decide again whether I want the Rocket.
    Please post this online, this type of seller is unusual because he is unusually human, supportive, encouraging, understanding.
    Thank you
    Eva B.

  45. Jasmine L. -

    Dear Yasine Gültekin,

    Friends of mine – Sigrid and Günter Mühlen – bought such a generator. They had actually decided on a large system, but it seemed too complicated for them and they are currently busy simplifying it. We did blind water tests, the taste, the feel, etc. And that was amazing. So I was interested too.
    Thank you for all the information and I look forward to the generator and more hydrogen in my body!
    Kind regards from Landsberg,
    Jasmine L.

  46. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hi Caterina
    Thank you for your email. OK, I see, I have you in mind because of the graphics issue
    Because of Hamer and H2 water
    Think both together, it's great, what the H2 does is hard to say, but I think, yes, the way you defined it is correct.
    But since neither of us are gods, it remains a mystery and you can only try before studying ;-)
    Enjoy the healing phase
    See you soon
    All the best

  47. Caterina -

    Hello Yasin,...
    … I wanted to ask you something else. Hamer speaks of two phases of the disease process, the conflict-active phase and the conflict-resolved phase. This results in different symptoms. What is your experience? Is it possible that the hydrogen water activates conflicts that have not yet been resolved, i.e. dormant conflicts? A lot has happened to me since I started drinking the water...
    Best regards,

  48. Daniel -

    Thank you too for the fast shipping!

  49. Elvin -

    Yeah I have to say that the NANO sells better than any previous model.
    The invoice has been paid.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  50. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hello Mr. Scheurer,...
    … Please try the following with the Nano:
    Charge for 4 hours or overnight, or best of all, after 2 hours of charging, unplug the USB-C cable and plug it back in, it will then charge fully for another hour.
    If it lights up green, it doesn't mean it's fully charged.
    Not every charger communicates correctly with the Nano
    Even if it flashes red, it can still produce multiple passes
    Hope this solves the problem
    I look forward to your positive answer
    If that doesn't work, we'll send out an exchange immediately
    Thank you
    Yours, Yasin Akgün

  51. Jurgen S. -

    Good morning dear Mr. Akgün,...
    … To the H2 generator
    A small H2 generator for on the go is already in constant use, which is great.
    The capacity is a bit low, but otherwise it's a great product that we can recommend.
    Our water will definitely be upgraded.
    Thank you and
    Best regards
    Jurgen S.

  52. Андрей К. -

    Hello Mr Akgün,
    the replacement device works perfectly.
    Thank you for very fast and customer-friendly service!
    I sent the remaining goods (bottle and two generators) back to you today.
    All the best
    With kind regards,
    Андрей К.

  53. avatar photo

    Yasin Akgun -

    Hi Alexander
    Thank you for your email
    Can I leave it online please?
    Ballistol may be similar to petroleum therapy or Rizol therapy, but made for ingestion and food-safe. But somehow it can do a lot more, how and why and what, let yourself be surprised.
    Buy it here and use it as a home remedy:
    Info, but more technical:
    There are testimonials towards the end
    1 teaspoon a day, spread in the mouth area and then swallow. Sugar-free!
    The customer wrote me the following email: “Thanks for the tip about the Ballistol! I now rinse my mouth with it every day and a dental problem that previously couldn't calm down finally got a little better!"
    I look forward to hearing about your experiences, please send me an email.
    Bye for now

  54. Alexander -

    Hello dear Yasin,
    the four new H2 boosters (2x Nano, 2x Age 2.8) are excellent, all four are in use 😉
    Another question about turpentine/Ballistol: take it with or without sugar?
    Best regards,

  55. Ali Peter R. -

    Dear Mr. Akgün,

    As promised, I would like to give you feedback regarding the Nano.
    I am more than positively surprised by the values ​​that the Nano produces.
    At first I was skeptical about the size because I like to have it mobile with me like the H2 CAP. Whether in the office or anywhere else in your bag. Of course, the integrated battery is also practical and allows me to treat the water several times. The time is surprisingly good for the amount of H2 production.
    The amount of liquid 250ml is optimal for one person because you can drink the water directly and are not tempted to leave it standing.
    The disadvantage is if you have a larger family, the H2Cap on which you can mount a 1L bottle with 4-5 activations was better from the first point of view because everyone could use the bottle with the “finished product”. But if you calculate the time and take the H2 content into account, the Nano performs much better with its 4x 250ml refills.
    An interesting benchmark was the cheap devices from China from a friend. These also produce the visible small bubbles and are surprisingly cheap. Testing with the “blue liquid” showed why it is important to pay attention to certified products, especially when it comes to devices that are related to nutrition. Despite the electrolysis, the 5ml liquid remained blue with the first drop.
    I am happy about your recommendation and thank you very much for it.
    Ali Peter R.

  56. Martina Rudolf -

    I am really excited about the Nano Booster. You really get energy, strength and physical well-being. Great for use on the outside of the skin too. E.g. place cotton pads on your eyes... Keeps your eyes awake and fresh and saves you the cucumber. My nutritional supplements also work better. So it's true that the active ingredients become more bioavailable. A great product and even with the GS seal! You can hardly find that in any electrical device these days.

  57. Zwoboda -

    Absolutely great piece. Small, handy and full of H2 gas. It noticeably floods my body when I drink a filling. The optimal size of the opening in the glass body makes the H2 water easy to drink. Perfect! Thank you Yasin for the recommendation and sound advice! Always happy again.

  58. Karin -

    Dear Yasin,
    Now I have another question. I gave my other daughter a filter from you for her wedding (unfortunately no Aquaphor at the time) as well as your hydrogen booster. Both are used with great joy by the daughter and son-in-law, thank God! Now my daughter – comfortable as she is – would like to make the water in the booster for one and a half (at least 1) liters for her everyday school life as a teacher, and then take the bottle with her straight away without refilling it. …
    ...I don't see the problem with refilling it, but I'll pass on your request anyway.
    Sincerely, Karin

  59. Damir -

    Hello Yasin. The basic booster arrived yesterday. I immediately measured hydrogen. Filled with Purify water, after 7 minutes I measured 1,5 ppm. It's definitely better than Age2Go.

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Preparation for operating and charging the Aquavolta® Nano hydrogen booster

  • Place the device on a dry, flat surface.
  • Insert the USB-C plug of the power and charging unit into the socket. The battery must be fully charged before first use. The LED starts flashing red.
  • Before initial use, fill the glass container with max. 60o C warm water and leave it for at least 2 hours 1 stand to completely moisten the membrane cell. Finally, replace the water again and shake for about a minute.
  • You can then fill in the water you have with you Want to enrich hydrogen and drink it. There should only be so much 2 Water must be filled so that the water level does not touch the pressure cover so that no water penetrates there. 4 hours ok
  • Please leave the device connected to the USB-C connector for 4 hours, even if the LED turns green. Not every USB power supply communicates correctly with the electronics in the device.
  • Remove the power and charging adapter plug and close the tab. The generator must not be operated while charging.
  • If the LED starts flashing during operation, the power and charging adapter must be reconnected until the battery is charged.
  • If the power supply is defective or cannot be reached, you can also use a standard USB-C power supply, for example for smartphones.


Nano Booster | First commissioning | by Tina Happy

Produce hydrogen water for drinking

  • Important: the device must be filled with drinking water before you press the start button.
  • Press the start button for 3 seconds. A beep indicates start. The light turns on and you can see the hydrogen production in the fine bubbles rising. A production process takes 10 minutes.
  • If you want to stop an ongoing production, press the start button again for 3 seconds.
  • If the light changes to red and flashes, the device should be recharged. When charging, the LED lights up permanently until a green light indicates full charge. You should not produce hydrogen water during charging.
  • Every 10-minute production phase ends automatically. This can be recognized by the LED going out and the formation of bubbles stopping.
  • The more hydrogen you want the water to be, the more often you should repeat the production without opening the lid in the meantime.
  • With those available as accessories H2 measuring drops You can test which production time you need to set for your target hydrogen concentration for the water you use. 0,5 to 3,0 ppm is recommended.


Nano Booster | Achieve optimal hydrogen value | by Tina Happy


  • Remove the orange silicone plug before use and store it. On a new device, there may still be residual water under the plug to protect the membrane. Please throw this away and rinse with clean water.
  • If you do not use the device for more than a week, fill the electrolysis cell with water up to a maximum height of 1 cm and close it with the silicone stopper or close the lid of the polycarbonate bottle.
  • Why do we recommend using the standard 240 ml container and advise against screw-in bottles?
    Because this is an amount that anyone can drink within 10 minutes. Remember: Hydrogen releases gases quickly! Don't stock up, drink small amounts straight away.


  • Before first use, fill the production vessel with water for at least 30 minutes to soak the electrolysis membrane. Then pour away the water.
  • The production vessel should be kept constantly moist.
  • Filled water must never be above 60 C.
  • Never immerse the device in water.
  • Do not start hydrogen production several times in a row without opening the lid in between.

Technical data | Aquavolta® Nano H2 Booster

  • Weight (empty): 330 g
  • Volume polycarbonate bottle: 240 ml
  • Voltage/Power: DC5V/2A
  • Power reserve: Approx. 18 applications (5 minutes) – fully charged, Approx. 90 minutes (water dependent)
  • Charging time Battery life: Approx. 90 minutes
  • Netzteil (USB-C) 100–240V,50/60Hz.DC5V,2A
  • Hydrogen performance depends on water and time. Approx. 0,3ppm/min. Up to 5 mg/l (ppm)
  • Temperature range: 0-40°C

Descaling / cleaning / device hygiene of the Aquavolta® Nano hydrogen booster

  • If traces of limescale are visible, the inside of the glass container and the grid-shaped, round negative electrode that produces the hydrogen must be cleaned with 1 teaspoon of citric acid dissolved in lukewarm water.
  • Close the screw cap and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Then let the citric acid solution take effect for 1 hour and then rinse the container with lid and the electrode several times with warm water.
  • This cleaning is also necessary for hygiene reasons at least every 2 weeks or if an unpleasant smell is noticeable in the device. In this case the water should be approx. 50 – 60 degrees C.
  • Wipe the exterior of the device with a damp, soft cloth.
  • You can also remove coarse dirt by half filling the pressure container with warm water and shaking vigorously. Then pour away the rinse water.
  • Store the device at room temperature and away from direct sunlight.