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Comparison of mobile hydrogen water generators for producing pH-neutral H2 water

NameAge2Go2.8High drugsaqua livingNanoH2Cap PlusLourdesH2 Life
Aquavolta Age2 Go 2-8 H2 generator hydrogen blue 150Highdrogen® Age2 Go hydrogen generator with PEM cell with BPA-free pressure vessel 400AquaVolta-WAquaVolta hydrogen booster-HRW basic device pressure vessel on the side-acarbon-booster-HRW-basic device-pressure vessel-on the side-150Aquavolta Nano Hydrogen Booster H2-Water 72H2CAP Plus with bubblesLourdes hydrogen water generator antioxidant water white 400h2-life H2 Generator Hydrogen Water s
gross price397 €349 €349 €397 € 247 € 1170 €247 €
electrodes2 (PEM)2 (PEM)2 (PEM)2 (PEM)2 (PEM)2 (PEM)2 (PEM)
Power Suppliesmicro USBUSB-AownUSB-CUSB-Cownmicro USB
Battery approx.80 min80 min50 min80 minno batteryno battery80 min
HxWxD cm∅8×22∅8×22∅8×22∅6×20∅3,7×4,232x27x16∅6×22
Yield ~
0,2 ppm
0,2 ppm
0,15 ppm
0,4 ppm
0,09ppm/min1,2 ppm
/30 min
0,1 ppm
H2 content maximum2,5 ppm after 20 minutes2,5 ppm after 20 minutes2,0 ppm after 20 minutes4 ppm after 10 minutes1,2 ppm after 15 minutes1,2 ppm after 20 minutes1,0 ppm after 10 minutes

*H2/hydrogen yield tested with the H2 Blue Kit® in ppm (parts per million, equivalent to 100 ppb/parts per billion); for tap water with a hardness of °dH 17

What is a hydrogen booster? Why Aquacentrum H2 Booster Battle?

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Suitable water filters do not have to be expensive or time-consuming to install, and can also filter heavy metal salts, among other things:
>Modern table-top filter or >Can filter